Tuesday, March 29, 2016

5 Basic & Great Organizing tips

Hi people of the Internet:) Today I'm going to be telling you about my best/favorite organizing tips. 1. Is simple but very effective use the same storage. Because then that space with let's 5 has of the same boxes will look a lot less cluttered. 2. Keep things that are a like in the Same place for example I have all my makeup/alex drawers,vanity desk, & cubical glam shelves on the same wall in my bedroom. It makes things a lot easier to access. 3. How do u keep clear of clutter?! One thing comes one thing goes. 4. Color organize! This not only looks pretty but makes spaces look a lot less messy! 5. This isn't really a type/way of organizing but this does help.. Just like cleaning take a little time a week to organize even just 20 min a week will help. So that concludes my post. Thanks 4 Reading, Hannah,

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