Thursday, March 17, 2016

Drugstore Favorites

           Hi guys! Today i will be telling you about my favorite drugstore makeup products. So my number 1 favorite would have to be the Loreal Voluminous original mascara. It's lengthening and volumizing And has a great consistence. Now on to number 2 which would be the rimmel stay matte pressed powder it's soft on the skin, has Great coverage for a pressed powder and it's Very  mattifying. Now #3 would be the Wet 'n' Wild spring trio eye shadow shade unknown:) it has a white gold shimmer, plan purple, and a blue shimmer in that order. :) lol I = a dork. So the eye shadows are very pigmented, there pretty colors, unearitating and uncostly TTHHEERE GREAT. :) So #4 would be the Maybelline Dream Fresh bb cream it's refreshing, light weight, and it has light coverage but not to light perfect for a middle schooler like me:) lastly #5 brings me back to when I was like 5 the liquid lip smacker in birthday cake o my gosh it smells good and it's clear which I personaly like and it's very glossy. So that's my post for today I hope u enjoyed and remember u don't need makeup to be beautiful everyone's beautiful in there own way.Thanks 4 reading! P.S sorry for no pics

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