Friday, July 22, 2016

New Wet'n'Wild Makeup Brushes Review

            Hey lovely people! Today I’m back with another review for you! This review will be on the semi new wet ‘n’ wild makeup brushes. So lets get started! These have a lovely soft top with the end being pink which i love pink and pretty makeup to start with but then on top of that they’re So amazingly soft is just awesome! I was like yaass!😂 2nd they seem to be made out of a quality metal/hard plastic and like they will hold up well in the long run. Also if you were wondering the two i got were at ride aid and they were the powder brush $2.99 and the eye shadow brush $.99 and they had the fondation brush too which was $2.99 I plan on going back to get that too. Lastly they are cruelty free which I always try to buy cruelty free bc animals should not in anyway have to suffer for are looks. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous when i put it that way the answer is yes because it is! So anyway i love how wet’n’wild is contributing to #stopanimaltesting #savetheanimals and thats one of my favorite thing about these and the brand! That concludes my review. Thanks 4 Reading!💖 Hannah