Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pesto Grilled Cheese

I'm Back... So today's post is obviously going to be my delicious pesto grilled cheese recipe. First step turn your stove heat on to 6 or 7 and let that heat up. Second step get some bread and pesto and put the pesto on the bread. Third step get a grill or fry pan out and put some extra Virgin olive oil in it and put it on the stove. Forth step put the pesto bread in that pan on the stove and let that sit for about 20 seconds. Fifth step put some cheese on the bread and cheddar cheese is good on but thats optional and let that cook for 1 minute. Sixth step Check the grilled cheese and if cooked the way you want flip it. Seventh step let cook for 1 minute more and Tada! Your grilled cheese is done and you can eat it with some ranch dressing like a pizza if you please. Thanks 4 reading!😘  Hannah

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